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Rules of this site
There is a music menu on the right side.


  • Taishi Ueda reserved all right of the music on this homepage. Please DON'T use the music FOR PROFIT or COMMERCIAL without my consent.
  • Don't use the music with disguising the copyright and pretending that you composed the music. And please get consent if you want to edit or mix the music.


  • You can use "Original Free Music" and "Collaboration Music" for FREE regardless of whether you use them for commercial purpose or not.
  • Please download and save the music in your computer when you use it as a material.
  • Please write copyright of the music on your homepage, flush, movie, etc. when you use the music as materials. I will appreciate if you link to this homepage!
  • ex. "name of music"/OUpS.zero (c)Taishi Ueda

  • If you use the music for profit or commercial, please send email written things below to me.
    • Your name
    • Your mail adderess
    • The name of music you want to use
    • The purpose to use. (ex. BGM of a PV, a PC game, a movie and so on.)

Link, etc.

  • When you like my music or use my music as material, I'll appreciate if you let me know that with BBS or email.
  • Anyone is welcome to link to this homepage. Please use the URL and banners below.
  • OUpS.zero
    URL: http://oups.o0o0.jp/
    Author: Taishi Ueda


I perform service to deliver new song information of OUpS.zero by email. If you hope for a new song information email, pleaseinform me by email!
There is the sample of the new song information email here (The page opens at the other window)

Above rule have been valid since April 5th 2008.

It's very kind of you to read all!

About download (for ones who don't know save file into your computer.)

  1. When you want to save MIDI(MP3) file, click the right button of your mouse on the link "save" in the "MIDI(MP3)" row.
  2. Select the item "save the file as..." in the pop-up menu.
  3. Select the folder and name the file in the pop-up window
  4. Wait by finishing downloading the file.
  5. Click here to refer to this explanation on the other window.

about music

I give my music the five grade evaluation system about five kinds of their moods.

  • S:Sad
  • F:Fantasy
  • M:Mild
  • G:Grand
  • H:Heavy

There are five genres of music in this page.

  • inst:Instrument
  • piano:Piano
  • orches:Orchestra
  • collab:Collaboration
  • work:Works ordered by visitors. They are NOT free material.